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Baby Shopping Essentials

One of the many things you find common in any popular mall in Dubai is ‘baby shops’. Perhaps it is due to this easy accessibility that UAE is regarded as the most family-friendly location out there in the world and there is no doubt regarding this as well. The couple who are still in the process of ‘family planning is under the impression that once a baby is born, you will need expensive stuff when in fact, if you are experienced in shopping at Dubai shops you know it’s about finding what’s right for you.

Unbelievably! Having a new member in your family is one of those rare occasions that motivate you to straighten up and be responsible.

Shopping for baby essentials require you to consider the weather and season, but stuffs like Nappies, Diapers, Nappy liners and baby wipes, changing mats, cotton socks, hats, mittens, hand towels and many more are a must irrespective of the seasons.


Here are the baby shopping essentials for all seasons that you can get in baby stores:


Clothing – the choice of clothing depends on the preference of parents but a valuable tip can be to choose maximum single-piece outfits that are easy for you to manage. Because when you have an outfit that unzips from the top front to the leg, it makes changing diapers a ‘piece of cake’ affair for a parent. Check out the baby shops in Dubai for such clothes.

Nappies and diapers – On average, a baby will need his/her diapers changed times 10-12 a day, which is why parents have to travel with extra in hand. Enter any supermarket in Dubai and you will be flooded with options from reusable diapers to ready-made cotton nappies. Pick n’ choose based on your budget and preference. Check for promotions!

Wipes – Baby wipes are a lifesaver when it comes to nappy or diaper change, especially when you are in a smelly situation outside. Other than baby store Dubai, baby wipes can be purchased from any decent hypermarket in Dubai.

Mat – another handy purchase will be a changing mat, which is like a thin plastic sheet a parent can place on the bed, car sheet or any other surface while changing baby diapers.


Other mentions that you can get from any baby shop Dubai – premium quality seat, Pram, Feeding bottle and any small toy to keep the baby entertained.


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