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Al-etihadIncharge-1 :0567574919
Al-etihadIncharge-2 :Mr.santosh
Al-etihadIncharge-2 :0553645864
Al-etihadShop No :KG-20
Al-etihadCall :055 5584589

StarBucks Coffee

Celebrate who fills your heart with our red cup

Starbucks Channel brings approachable, memorable and human stories—from the small-lot farmers of Sumatra to our own ro

" "Many Good Things Spring from Small Beginings" "

ABOUT StarBucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee is one of most prevalent brand of coffee shops in Dubai, which has made its presence felt all over the globe. One of the many reasons why Starbucks Coffee is considered as among the best cafés in Dubai can be attributed to its overall experience, aromatic coffee and their flexible ability to feed the coffee-lover’s taste. Some of the best coffee shops in Dubai receive people from all across the globe due to their ability to cater to varied tastes and preferences, and this is why they enjoy such a huge following. Visit your favorite café in Mirdif and enjoy your time.


Boost Cafe
Dip N Dip
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Boost Lab Café

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